Mari Muthu and Govindraj were orphaned recently, and due to COVID, no one in the village wanted to take them into their own homes. However, the villagers had compassion on the boys and brought them to one of our Indian partner homes.

God has been faithful to provide Mari Muthu and Govindraj with a family and a safe, loving environment where Christ is the foundation. Adjusting to a new environment can be difficult for any one of us. For an orphan, it can be especially challenging as they may have never known a caregiver’s love. Please pray for these boys as they adjust to their new home.

We also ask that you would pray that Mari Muthu and Govindraj’s hearts would be open to receiving the good news of the Gospel for the first time. It is God who can heal their hearts and redeem even the most broken past. 

We trust and believe that God will continue to reveal Himself to Mari Muthu and Govindraj. May His love shine through the darkness and bring about joy and salvation.

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  1. Jill

    I’m so glad Mari Muthu and Govindraj had a loving place to go during the pandemic. God can bring beauty out of ashes. I know they received love from the house parents and learned about Jesus!


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