I just talked to Philip, the house father of one of our children’s homes in an area of India that has been hard-hit by Covid-19. I wanted to share his update with you:

For 40 days now, his village has been under police control due to a large number of cases of the Corona virus. If anyone is caught stepping outside of their home—even onto their own property—they can be beaten.

The only medical clinic in the region has been closed down because they are unable to treat Covid-19 patients.

For these reasons, Philip made arrangements for the boys from his home to be placed in host homes in a neighboring village where the lockdown is more comparable to what we’ve experienced here in the U.S. It is possible to go outside or into a shop as long as you are wearing a mask. Though he is required to pay these homes, he is hoping that they will reduce the boys’ fear and anxiety.

Philip found a “secret” path to the village where the boys are staying, away from roads which are heavily patrolled. He used this trail to get the boys to their host homes and uses it frequently to check on them. Once he makes it to this neighboring village, it is permitted for him to gather with the boys (in masks) to visit with them and spend time in prayer. They include you, the donors who are providing their needs, in those prayers.

Philip has asked us to pray specifically for Sandoz, who routinely needs medical attention for jaundice, but cannot get it during this quarantine.

Thank you for keeping Sandoz, Philip, and all of our children’s homes in your prayers!

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Believing in miracles,
April Jurgensen




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