Over the last several weeks, we’ve talked about The Lord’s Prayer from an orphan’s perspective. We’ve dissected the phrases and considered the implications. Today, I’d like to re-write the prayer as I imagine it being spoken from one of the children you serve through The Boaz Project.

Papa-you are the one who loves me. Really loves me. You faithfully provide the things I really need. You watch over me and protect me. You make me aware of my sin and help me to get rid of it. You love me so much you sing over me. You are a good Papa.

Lord, I look forward to the day when your kingdom comes, when evil is at last eradicated from this world and sin has no more grip. Help me to be part of bringing about that kind of world by living as you would have me live, by telling others about your grace.

No matter the consequences to me, may your will be done. I trust that even in the most difficult circumstances you are bringing about a good plan, that all of my suffering is for good purpose.

Please fill my tummy for today, and help me not to be concerned with tomorrow…even when I don’t know how I’ll get my next meal. Help me to trust you for it.

God, I need your help to forgive those who’ve hurt me, who’ve bruised my body and my spirit, because I know I’ve hurt you, too. Forgive me, Lord. Set me free from my debts and I’ll forgive those who’ve hurt me, too.

And, Father, though I am surrounded by evil day and night, keep my soul pure, that nothing would stand between You and me. I need you too much to sacrifice this relationship for anything less.

Not mine, but YOURS is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.



Believing in miracles,



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