Frantick lives in Vladimir Children’s Home in Russia. He is there because most of his relatives are in prison on drug charges.

IMG_1353Three years ago, his aunt was released from jail and took her own son home from the orphanage. Though she was given the option to also take Frantick, she opted not to.

Frantick continues to hope that one day, his mom or dad will get out of jail and come for him, too. Or maybe his aunt will have a change of heart and decide she wants him?

He dreams of what life in a real home–with a family—would look like. And though these thoughts cross his mind daily, they are never so haunting as during the holidays.

For orphans like Frantick, the Christmas season can be the time of year when their loneliness is most pronounced. Instead of hoping to awaken Christmas morning to a special meal, a surprise gift, and the love of family, they wonder if anyone even notices that they exist.


That’s why the gift and Gospel presentation you send at Christmas means so much! It tells a child he is important, remembered, and loved by you and God!

To send a smile across the globe, go to and make your donation. We’ll see to it that your money provides a Christmas or birthday gift (including a gospel tract or presentation) for an orphan who would otherwise not receive any present. $30 will buy a gift for a child and get it hand-delivered to her. Smaller donations will be combined.

But don’t stop there! You can help even more children by calling Cathy at (317) 889-7606 for information about how your small group, church, child’s school, MOPS group, etc. could be involved bringing hope to orphans by having their own bank campaign.

Of course, we welcome donations any time, but to go with our teams delivering gifts in India and Russia this Christmas, we’ll need it by Nov. 20th.




What others have said about your gifts for orphans:

”I am confident and proud to say that the donated money will definitely serve the purpose!”—Maria, former interpreter with The Boaz Project


“Every time The Boaz Project came to my orphanage…It was more about the love and care we got that we never got from anywhere else. Although, it was nice to get toys and socks. I always cherished my socks.”—Snezhanna, who lived in Topolevo orphanage until her adoption at age 12


“I always loved toys because (without The Boaz Project) I never had any in my life.”—Ola, who grew up in the Sobinka before her adoption


“These gifts are so important to the children, because without you, they wouldn’t get any. If we were to buy just a T-shirt, for example…sure, we could buy one. But we cannot afford to buy ten so that each child could get one.”—Pastor Tonglen, House Parent, Agape Children’s Home


“It is such a blessing that you give these gifts for our children. One year, a man promised to buy gifts. We waited outside the store to meet him for hours, but he never came. We are so thankful that you all really do care.”—Pastor Christopher, House parent, Comeback Ministries’ Home



You can also donate directly or request banks at: