Born into the Brahman caste, *Anaya was considered elite from her earliest days. As a member of this highest social class of Hinduism, she was assured of every opportunity. That is, until her father died when she was just a preschooler.

Unable to care for three children, Anaya’s mother decided to keep her two sons and send her daughter away. Thankfully, Anaya was eventually brought to one of The Boaz Project-sponsored homes in India.

When Anaya first arrived at the home, she was unruly. She had no respect for authority, used foul language, and lied frequently. But the love she encountered in her new home quickly softened her, and she began to change.

Over time, Anaya developed a bubbly, infectious smile and personality. She became a hard-working student and grew to know and love Jesus. She now shows affection freely and demonstrates a healthy self-confidence.

One day, her mother and brother appeared at the door of the home where she was living. Still unable to care for Anaya, her mother just wanted a short visit. Though angry to hear that her daughter was not being taught Hindu rituals, she acknowledged that Anaya was becoming a good person, one who was kind and smart and serious about her studies.

In the coming months, Anaya’s mother began visiting sporadically. Each time, she would ask questions, such as, “Do you eat meat?” And, “Which god do you pray to?”

With each visit, she seemed less defensive and more curious.

About a year ago, she asked Anaya to pray to her God for a specific request. This was an absolute breakthrough for a woman who had always worshipped snakes!

Today, Anaya is 17. No longer requiring much supervision or support, she recently returned to live with her mother. But she assures her former house mother that she continues to read her Bible and pray to the one, true God daily. Anaya’s eternal trajectory was changed by the time she spent in the Boaz-sponsored home, and she has been positioned and equipped to live a life of influence.

This is the beauty of the model God has given us. Not only is He changing the lives of thousands of orphans, but He is then using them to reach others with the truth of His Word and His love.

I believe firmly that creating change for children like Anaya will lead to changing communities and eventually cultures. It’s a big mission, but a vital one.

Today, I am writing to offer you the opportunity to be a part of this ripple effect for each child The Boaz Project serves.

You see, God has given The Boaz Project the most amazing staff! Committed to Christ and to caring for orphans, our team works cheerfully and tirelessly. Whether accounting for donations, mailing Orphan Gift Banks, or preparing short-term teams to hold a Vacation Bible School for orphans in Russia, India, or Kenya, our staff is often feeling that there’s so much more work to be done, if we only had the time.

We’re a lean team, devoted to a huge task, and each member is crucial.

Not only that, but each staff member has also opted to work for lower pay than he or she could earn elsewhere—simply because of a call on his or her heart to serve orphans.

But our staff members’ efforts are divided between their job descriptions which directly benefit orphans and their responsibility to raise funds for their own support accounts. Because orphans are not in a position to pay for the services they receive, we are dependent upon generous, compassionate people like you to provide our staff’s salaries.

Fundraising experts say that staff members who must raise their own support need to devote 25% of their time to soliciting those funds! That’s a full quarter of their time taken from doing the work which undergirds our ability to reach more children. Frankly, we can’t afford to lose that much time distracted from a mission so crucial.

So I’m turning to you, asking you to support our staff and enable them to focus their efforts on the work God’s called them to do for orphans around the globe.

When you invest in our team, you’re a part of caring for each of the 536 children we now assist monthly, as well as their caregivers whom we support with resources, prayer, and training. What’s more, you’ll be a part of the growth that can happen as we are able to focus more on the specific role God’s given us in orphan care, rather than raising our own salaries.

I’m praying that our savvy donors who can see the value of our staff’s labors will contribute a total of $3,000 per month toward their needs. We could do this if 45 of you pledged to give $40 per month and 15 of you pledged $80. Though divided among eight staff members, it would be a real boost to each!

If you’re ready to show your support for our staff and facilitate our ministry to orphans, simply visit and make your donation there. Or you can send a check to:

The Boaz Project
P.O. Box 47188
Indianapolis, IN 46247

Thank you so much for helping our staff extend their reach!

Believing in miracles,

April L. Jurgensen
Founder/Executive Director
The Boaz Project, Inc.

P.S.—Please consider making your gift a recurring donation, providing the long-term relief so desperately needed for our staff to be able to focus on caring for orphans. We’re eager to multiply the number of children we can serve!


*The child’s name has been changed to protect her identity.


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