After Samuel’s father died, his mother married a drunkard.  This step-father often abused Samuel by burning him, tying his hands and legs together and hanging him in a tree or by putting him in a toilet.  After a new baby came, the food, clothing, and affection were now bestowed upon the infant.  Samuel believed himself to be unworthy of affection.

Eventually, Samuel’s parents rejected him all together, telling him he could not come home.  In God’s providence, someone found Samuel and brought him to one of our partner homes in India.  There, he receives all the love and care he needs.  He has come to believe that, because of Christ, he is of value.  Most importantly, Samuel revels in the love of a heavenly Father.

For children like Samuel, a simple birthday or Christmas present does more than offer him something with which to play.  It assures him, “You are special!”  This is why it is important that you help us offer a gift to a child this Christmas.

You can send Christmas gifts and gospel presentations to orphans in Russia, India, and Kenya at Christmas so they know they are important, loved, and remembered—not only by us, but more importantly, by God!

Just make a donation at HERE and select “Christmas gifts,” and we’ll handle the rest. You won’t even have to wrap it!

For each $30 we receive, we’ll buy a gift—just what the caregiver says that child needs—and see that it gets delivered for Christmas. 

We’ll also be sure the child hears the glorious Christmas story, the story that assures each of us we are loved relentlessly.

We’re hoping to provide presents for 620 orphans this December. So far, we’ve raised funds for ___ of those. With your help, we will see all of these children’s faces light up as they receive their gifts and the attention they crave.

Thank you for bringing Christmas joy to orphans just like Samuel.

Believing in miracles,

April Jurgensen
Founder/Executive Director
The Boaz Project, Inc.


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