The directors of The Boaz Project with the boys of Bethel Home


When I first met the boys of Bethel House, I was amazed by their polite demeanors. As I heard their stories, I was astonished.

Some had been kicked out of their homes by step fathers, only to live on the streets for months or even years before finding kindness and shelter at Bethel. Two boys—brothers—had a deceased father and a paralyzed mother. She was unable to care for her sons or provide their basic needs. They found a home and protection at Bethel.

But the boys—some, young men, really—didn’t strike me as victims of such pasts. They had gentle and warm natures. Many told of their aspirations to be teachers and pastors, and it was clear to me that they had sincere hearts of service.

Certainly, the Lord had changed these youths, and He had done it through one man, Philip Kutty.

Philip runs a Bible College in Puliankudi, India. It’s a basic facility, even by Indian standards. But about 10-12 young men reside at the college and devote themselves to studying the Bible, learning to preach, and ministering in neighboring villages.

When Philip met a boy living on the street and discovered he had no place to go, he brought him to the Bible college to stay.

As is often the case in third world countries, the word spread: There is a kind man just outside of town who will help children in need.

Today, twelve boys reside at Bethel Home. Philip doesn’t just provide food and shelter for these boys. He disciples them. He lives life with them, eating meals together, training them in the Bible, teaching them how to live in community, and coaching them through their trials.

But they lack one thing: a place to live.

There isn’t enough room for them to sleep in the basic facilities at the Bible college. It only has one room, stacked tightly with bunk beds.

So the boys of Bethel Home sleep on the floor of a church hall. Every night.

I’m writing to you today because the solution is a straight forward one I think we can provide, together.

Because the Bible college has land to spare and a kitchen to share, the boys of Bethel Home just need a simple structure with a room to sleep in, a small area for belongings, and a bathroom. We can see that one is built for $18,500.

I’m hoping you’ll join me in making a contribution to this project, providing these orphaned boys the comfort of a bed to sleep in and the dignity of a place to call their own.

If you would like to provide for these future teachers and pastors, please make your gift at or by sending a check to: The Boaz Project, P.O. Box 47188, Indianapolis, IN 46247.

Your gift will help Philip impact orphaned boys for years to come.

Believing in miracles,

April Jurgensen
Founder/Executive Director
The Boaz Project, Inc.


P.S.—You can track the progress toward providing housing for the boys of Bethel Home at


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