Our team had such a wonderful time visiting our partners and their children in Kenya last month! We always walk away so encouraged and honored to minister alongside such dedicated, Christ-focused people.

While in Kenya, we had the blessing of attending a church service that was anything but ordinary.

We celebrated past graduates of El Shaddai Children’s Center who had returned for a reunion, some of whom are now fathers, Bible scholars, musicians, or tradesmen.

Three new boys who are currently living at the center were dedicated to the Lord and fervently prayed over by Bishop Lydia, the founder of ESCC, and all of their caregivers.

We were also introduced to a few girls from the community who have been identified as potential new members of the El Shaddai family, and our partners are investing in them even as we wait for the completion of the building.

Over a delicious lunch, we reflected on the beauty of this ongoing ministry to orphans in Kenya. God has truly blessed this sacred place since its inception.

The young men who once called ESCC home stood around laughing and catching up, walking testaments to the fire that was set in Bishop Lydia’s heart over a decade ago. We thanked God for how He faithfully brought them to where they are now, how He is actively caring for the boys who are currently living at the center, and the precious ones to come once the new building is complete.

As the past, present, and future of El Shaddai Children’s Center came together, we cast our eyes to the beautiful building—peeking out over the top of the current center—and thanked God for His faithfulness to set the lonely in families

He is actively transforming lives and we are so blessed to be able to witness His handiwork.