Do you ever get sentimental on the last day of the year? I often find myself reflecting through the challenges God has brought me through, the blessings He’s given, the hopes satisfied and those deferred in the last 12 months.

I always hope that I’m a different person, a better version of myself, a more mature believer walking closer to my Savior than I was 365 days ago. I try to examine whether or not I’ve made the world a better place. Have I encouraged my loved ones? Have I demonstrated selfless sacrifice for others? Have I faithfully used the resources entrusted to me to bless “the least of these?”

Your Year in Review

As I think through all God has done through you and people like you in 2018, I remember cutting the ribbon to open a home for the boys of Bethel House, offering them—for the first time—their own space in which to sleep.

I recall meeting the children of Jireh Home in Bangalore for the first time and later being able to tell the house parents they’d have our long-term support.

I give thanks for the short-term teams who’ve ministered to the children in our homes directly and the house parents who daily care for them.

You’ve had a great year, Boaz family! You’ve made a tremendous impact, changing the lives—and often eternities—for orphans in need. 

One More Opportunity

If you’d like to make one more generous act to close out 2018, please consider contributing toward the educational expenses for the orphans in India and Kenya. This big-hearted gesture toward the abandoned will not only help break the cycle of poverty for them, but also bless you with the assurance that you’ve closed out the year with an act of love and kindness.

The average cost of educating an Indian or Kenyan child for one year is $570, but it can change his or her life. Of course, any amount can be combined with other donations to cover school fees.

To end your year on a charitable note, enabling an orphan to change their trajectory by attending school, please visit and make your donation.


God bless, and have the happiest of new years!

Believing in miracles,


April Jurgensen
Founder/Executive Director
The Boaz Project, Inc.


P.S.-You can also read the stories of some of the children benefitting from your contribution to education at


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