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If you were able to attend our live stream event with Nastya, our coordinator in Vladimir, Russia, you were able to hear her updates from our orphanages there as well as be encouraged by her heart for orphans. In case you weren’t, I thought I’d pass along her update regarding the Corona virus and the orphanages:

Our city of Vladimir has been under lockdown. Only essential workers could work. If you needed to leave your home, you had to go online to request a pass. For essential workers, your pass would last for two weeks. If you are not, but you just needed a pass in order to go to the doctor or something like that, you had to wait for the time slot they allowed you to be out. Then, of course, you had to wear a mask.

Things have begun to open up more now, though. But still, no one is currently permitted to enter any of the orphanages in the region because of Covid-19-related quarantines.

We continue to stay in contact with the directors in each orphanage and ask how we can be helpful to them. Some send us pictures of the children. One even allows us to continue to talk with the school-aged children over Zoom.

The biggest challenge our orphanages are facing is distance learning. There is only one computer for ten children, and they are of all different grade levels. So getting each child a turn is difficult. Plus, many of the children need help with their schoolwork, but there is a limited staff.

We offered to help the children with their schoolwork, but since we are not permitted to be at the orphanage for now, that isn’t really feasible.

Please pray for additional workers to help us in the orphanages once they re-open and that a couple of orphanages we’ve been talking to will allow us to begin regular work their when the pandemic subsides.

Note: Since this update from Nastya, we’ve offered to buy computers to help the children with their schoolwork. We are waiting to hear if that would be helpful or if the lack of staff prevents them from making use of them.

To see all of our Covid-19 updates, go to our Urgent Need page 

Believing in miracles,
April Jurgensen




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