Clearly, we are living in unprecedented times.

Just weeks ago, most of us were living very different lives from today’s reality.  We were moving about freely, gainfully employed, and in frequent contact with others. Though nothing about Covid-19 has come as a surprise to our Lord, we were blissfully ignorant of the dramatic changes that awaited us…and everyone around the world.

As we navigate these unchartered waters together, may we stay mindful of the needs of others for whom we can pray and whom we can support. To this end, we hope to keep you informed about the specific needs and requests from our children’s’ homes in Russia, India, and Kenya.

We are so, so grateful to report that as of this writing, none of the children or caregivers in our homes has been symptomatic for Covid-19. This is an incredible blessing and we thank God for His protection.

That is not to say, however, that they have been unaffected.

The state orphanages in Russia are officially quarantined. This means our Bible Discovery Class teachers and baby nurturers are not allowed to enter the premises. Please pray that the Word that has been sown into orphans’ hearts will bear fruit in these days, reminding them that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them…even when there is no human to assure them.

Our foster home is practicing good hygiene and avoiding social interactions in order to protect their children.

While none of our homes has been infected with Covid-19, the virus has disrupted the children’s lives in dramatic ways.

We have received videos from our house parents which show the unbelievable level of violence and fear gripping India. Some portray police brutality toward citizens on the streets. Others record mobs chasing and trying to stone medical workers attempting to help their communities.

In addition, persecution toward our house parents and children from Northeastern India—who look more Chinese than Indian—has prevented them from being allowed to shop in some grocery stores. Some friends are even denying knowing them!

In addition, Covid-19-related price gouging has made their typical budgets unreasonably tight.

All of the boys from El Shaddai Children’s Center who were away at college or university have been sent back to the home. This—along with grocery price hikes—has strained their budget.

The home is not accepting visitors and is limiting the boys’ interactions in the community in order to keep them virus-free.

As you can see, even though our homes are technically virus-free, this pandemic has made our children’s difficult circumstances even more complex. We are so grateful for you, our faithful community, who continues to pray and give in order for their needs to be met.

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Believing in miracles,
April Jurgensen




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