Are you part of a church, small group, or kids’ ministry who’d like to learn more about orphans and how to fulfill Christ’s command to care for them? Invite The Boaz Project!

A few weeks ago, we had the honor of spending time with Community Church of Greenwood’s KidNation. We discussed what it means to be an orphan, introduced them to our partner home in Kenya through a video, learned an African dance and song, and wrote letters to the boys living in the home, which will be delivered to them the next time we visit Kenya.

It was such a sweet time and opportunity to open the children’s eyes to the plight of the Kenyan orphan and share with them how they can make an impact on their lives, through giving and prayer. After all, they are children just like them, deserving of love and care.

My personal favorite moment was when we were able to show the kids a video of the boys at El Shaddai Children’s Center singing a song, which is all about the goodness of Jesus. We were then able to teach the song to the kids and send a recording back to our partners. 

Worship through music is a major aspect of the Kenyan church, and it extends to daily life, as they sing during morning and evening devotions, making it a priority to direct the focus back to who Jesus is in the midst of the day. It was very exciting to be able to lift the boys at El Shaddai as an example of what true worship looks like to the children here in Greenwood!

We are always honored to be able to share the stories of the children and caregivers we serve with individuals and church families here in the states who are seeking to follow God’s command to care for orphans in their communities and around the world. 

If you believe your church, small group, or children’s ministry could benefit from some intentional time considering and learning about your role in orphan care, contact us at We would love to come visit you!


Living in His light,

Courtney Kraus

Director of Kenya Ministries/Staff Writer


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