Abigail held her textbook in her slender hands, stroking the spine. She smiled broadly as she turned it toward me, revealing a cover that looked much like every other textbook I’d seen.

Unlike most students, Abigail didn’t view the text as dry or boring. She didn’t resent the time she’d spend studying its charts and graphs or re-reading complicated phrases. No, Abigail was proud to show me her new textbook since it served as evidence of the education she was receiving, an education she’d long worked for and had courageously achieved.

without education there is no future

Abigail spends most of her day with that book now as she pursues her bachelor’s of commerce degree, and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

This degree will enable her to break the generational cycle of poverty, allowing an independence her childhood would never have indicated for her adulthood. She puts it this way:

Without education, there is no future. With it, even though we grow up in a children’s home, still we can achieve our dreams. It’s important for me because I can stand on my own feet and would like to support myself, my family, and the children’s home where I grew up. Education is a main source of life.

I believe Abigail is right. I believe that education is a key factor in becoming self-sufficient and achieving dreams.

I’ve met so many children, bright, hopeful, needy, and hardworking children like Abigail who deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams. They just need some support from you to make it possible.

I’m writing today to ask you to make their dreams come true.

As a friend of The Boaz Project, you have heard how grim the statistics are for orphans around the globe. For 19 years, we have sought together to honor God by caring for the children He loves so dearly. And we have watched the miraculous occur as children like Abigail flourish as a result.

Today, you can assist another child from one of our homes by giving him or her the opportunity to stay in school, develop a healthy independence, and potentially, like Abigail, give back to the home where she grew up.

I believe that education is a key factor in becoming self sufficient and achieving dreams

The average cost of educating an Indian or Kenyan child for one year is $570, but it can change their lives and even the trajectory of their families for generations to come.

So please demonstrate kindness to orphans once again by making a generous donation today. They’re ready—eager, even—to do the hard work. They just need your helping hand. You can help orphans reach their dreams of an education by going online to: www.boazproject.org/education

Thank you for demonstrating your compassion in such a tangible way!


Believing in miracles,

April Jurgensen
Founder/Executive Director
The Boaz Project, Inc.



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