“Those children need Jesus, and I had given them socks and underwear.” -April Jurgensen in The Boaz Project’s origin story

There is no greater need for any human soul than the love and redemption of Jesus Christ. He alone can offer us both eternal fellowship with His Father and the strength, wisdom, and grace to live each of our days on earth. This can be seen poignantly in the lives of orphans.

In a world characterized by brokenness and loss, orphans stand at the forefront of those who bear the weight of abandonment and sorrow. They often grapple with questions of identity, belonging, and purpose, yearning for love and stability. Bereft of parental guidance and support, they navigate through an uncertain terrain, seeking comfort and understanding.

It is crucial for orphans to know Christ is a loving Father who will never leave them, a rock of stability amidst the shifting sands of life.

This is why we intentionally choose to partner with caregivers who know and love Jesus. They are able to model Christ’s love, share Biblical truth, and value the children in their care as He does. Typically, this is done through the house parents we support in a loving family setting. In countries where orphans are in state-run institutions, it is accomplished through our Bible Discovery Class teachers who share the Word of God and build relationships with the children in the orphanage.

Christ offers orphans:


The trauma of losing parents and the uncertainty of the future can easily lead orphans to feelings of despair and abandonment. However, Christ’s message of unconditional love, compassion, and promise of eternal life offers orphans a sense of belonging and security. Through Christ, orphans find solace in the belief that they are not forsaken but rather embraced by a loving heavenly Father who will never leave them.



The emotional wounds carried by orphans are often deep-seated and complex. Feelings of rejection, loss, and inadequacy can take root in their hearts, hindering healthy emotional development. The Gospel acknowledges the reality of suffering and offers hope through the redemptive power of Christ’s sacrifice. The profound message of the Cross demonstrates that even in the darkest moments, there is a purpose and plan at work—a plan that can bring about transformation, restoration, and the mending of broken hearts.

Identity and Purpose

In a world that often defines worth through family line, material possessions, academic success, or social status, orphans may struggle to understand their value. Christ’s teachings, however, remind them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, instilling a sense of worth that transcends worldly measures. By understanding their identity as children of God, orphans can embrace their unique purpose in life, seeing themselves as beloved.

A Supportive Community

Community plays a vital role in nurturing a child’s growth and well-being. For orphans who may lack a traditional family structure, finding a supportive community becomes even more critical. The body of Christ provides an opportunity for orphans to find a caring community that embraces them as part of God’s family. This sense of belonging can mitigate the isolation often experienced by orphans and empower them to thrive despite their challenging circumstances.


An orphan’s life is often fraught with pain and trauma, abuse, and abandonment. As horrible as these things may be, we are assured that the troubles of this world cannot compare to the glory of eternity in God’s presence in heaven. Only through embracing the gospel message can these children’s lives be redeemed.

A Role in God’s Kingdom

Not only does knowing Christ offer orphans eternal life, but it also gives them purpose today. Many of the children raised in our homes grow to accept Christ and commit their lives to serving Him! Whether they become pastors, teachers, businessmen, or engineers, they are quick to tell others about God’s love and how it changed their lives. 

Christ’s love can transform the lives of vulnerable children as they come to understand that they are not abandoned or forgotten, but cherished and pursued. Faith in Christ provides them with an unshakable foundation, a loving family, and a profound sense of purpose. By knowing Christ, orphans are empowered to navigate the challenges of life, find healing for their wounded hearts, and live a life of selfless love and service. The Boaz Project family embraces the responsibility of offering the love and compassion of Christ to orphans, ensuring that they, too, have the opportunity to experience the profound impact of a relationship with Him. In this journey, they discover that they are never alone, for they have a Heavenly Father who will never leave them nor forsake them.