Impoverished and separated, Maikal’s parents were unable to provide for their children. So Maikal and his brother were brought to a Boaz-sponsored children’s home. Since then, the parents have gotten back together but have not returned for the boys.

While adjusting to his new, loving home Maikal’s smart and witty personality has emerged and he dreams of becoming a great soccer player. Yet, though in a new home that is full of love Maikal can’t quite understand why these traumatic things have happened and he deeply desires to have a place where he doesn’t need to worry about being left.

Maikal wants to be found worthy of keeping, worthy of love.

The Christmas season can be the time of year when an orphan’s loneliness is most pronounced. Instead of hoping to awaken Christmas morning to a special meal, a surprise gift, and the love of family, they wonder if anyone even notices that they exist.

That’s why the gift and Gospel presentation you send at Christmas means so much! It tells a child he is important, remembered, and loved unconditionally by you and God!

When you give here  we’ll see to it that your money provides a Christmas or birthday gift (including a gospel tract or presentation) for an orphan who would otherwise not receive any presents. $30 will buy a gift for a child and get it hand-delivered to her. Smaller donations will be combined.

Together we can assure Maikal and hundreds of children like him that they are found worthy and loved by their heavenly Father.

Believing in miracles,

April Jurgensen
Founder/Executive Director
The Boaz Project, Inc.


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