A picture of James

Allow me to introduce Haotinlen Touthang, also known as James. He’s a sweet Indian boy who knows no stranger, whether it be person or animal. He’s seven years old and as energetic as can be.

James was brought to Agape home by his grandmother and aunt. Upon arriving to The Agape Children’s Home at the age of five, James’ language and education skills were far behind his peers. However, due to the love and care he received through the house parents of Agape and his sweet, new brothers and sisters, James quickly developed. Not only did he increase his speaking of Kannada, but he also learned English and became an excellent communicator.

Today, James is known as the family talker. When he comes home from school, everyone hears ALL about his day, in his precious little voice. James has many interests, including calling to the birds. He hopes that birds will one day carry him to heaven “to meet Jesus.” James loves to sing, to dance, to play soccer; though he is small, he is mighty.

James is extremely lovable and loving. To his brothers and sisters of Agape, it is as though he has always been a part of the family.

You can help care for James and all the other children in The Boaz Project’s partner homes by making a donation today to support our staff.

We need a total of 45 people to make a pledge of $40 per month and 15 people to make a commitment of $80 per month. You can check out the progress toward this goal and make your donation at www.boazproject.org/impact


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