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It’s a Plan!

Ever had a child ask you a tough question?

When Mark Fasel signed up to help with a construction project in Russia, he probably thought he could avoid the difficult questions kids might ask during the VBS that was going on at the same time.  After all, building an addition to a girls’ dormitory doesn’t require deep theology.

Unless you meet Sergei.

He had been watching the construction team that week, sometimes even slipping out of the VBS to do so.  He’d observe the work, trying occasionally to communicate with hand gestures or expressions.

It was toward the end of the week when he saw an opportunity to make use of an interpreter who was standing nearby.  He asked Mark, “Why did you come to Russia?”

Mark looked at the boy and said, “God planned a long time ago for me to come here, to do this work and to meet you.”

The boy thought for a moment and then asked, “Do you think God has a plan for me, too?”

The answer was so clear and so complex all at once.  Mark’s desire to assure Sergei that God had a plan for him was nearly overwhelming, especially in light of the circumstances the boy had endured thus far in his short life.

Indeed, God has a plan…a plan for Sergei and each child in his orphanage.  A plan to care for each orphan everywhere…through His children.

The Boaz Project is thankful that YOU are part of that plan.

By praying for this ministry and the children we serve, you are impacting their eternities! Please say a prayer for them today.


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