We often introduce you to the children we work with, but these children are only one side of the story. Standing behind each child is a caregiver who works tirelessly to make each child is cared for, has food, a safe place to heal and grow, and so much more.

I wish I could introduce you to all the caregivers we work with in this one blog because picking one seems impossible. But to start off this caregiver spotlight, I would like to introduce you to: Joel.

Joel works with the El Shaddai Boys’ Home in Kenya. He is reserved, watchful, intelligent, compassionate but most of all selfless. Joel was living in small quarters at El Shaddai and though it was not near ideal living conditions, he did so to be close to the boys.

Joel has been with the boys for years now. He takes great pride in sharing how they have grown, he praises the Lord for their growth and admires the young men that they are becoming. One of the most admirable things about Joel is that he leads by example. During our time in Kenya, Joel would come join in the games and activities in order to experience what the boys were experiencing. If Joel requests that the boys do something, they can rest assured that it is in their best interest because he has either already done it himself or will be doing it. Joel doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

I am forever in awe of Joel and his servant’s heart. I have no doubt that he was handpicked by God to be a caregiver for these boys and future children that come. Joel is a man after God’s heart and I am so honored to have him as a Boaz Project partner.

By supporting The Boaz Project, you are not only supporting orphans in Russia, India, and Kenya but you are supporting their amazing caregivers who deserve so much more than they receive. Thank you for partnering with these caregivers in order to better serve orphans.

“Doings small things with great love”,
Taylor Pennycuff
Staff Writer
The Boaz Project, Inc.





  1. Svetlana Morton

    What an inspiring reminder that God uses people’s gifts solely for His purposes! Orphans need someone they can trust and who can be dependable, and Joel sounds like such a good example of that.

  2. Kelly Linedecker

    Love that!


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